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The Smoking Donkey Cigarette
Holder Dispenser, Gag Gift 2008!

This is just a perfect and hilarious Gift for someone who enjoys a cigaret

You smoke (even though you probably shouldn't) and being the suave smoker you are, you want the latest in smoking accessories.

Store your favorite smokes in this donkey's pack and when you need a fix, just press his ears down and he'll dispense a cigarette from his behind.

Each 7-1/2" long by 5" tall plastic burro is a charmingly crude addition to any room.

Order one today, they're very popular and selling fast! We only have a limited supply left...

nerd glasses geek fake billy bob buck teeth huge tooth decay dirty stinky poor smelly earth lunar eclipse planets solar system full moon witch wicca smoke smoking smoker cigar cuban cig newport malboro
Fits about 25 cigarettes and comes in our illustrated window box, READY TO GIFT WRAP.

The Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser Gag Gift
Regular Price:$34.95 LIMITED Time Sale Price: $18.95

We offer a large selection of products all shipped out same day ordered!

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